About Us

Higgins U*Cart Ready Mix Concrete offers Professional Grade Concrete for contractors and individuals who only need small quantities of concrete. We fill the gap between the hard work of using a portable mixer and the high cost of a big truck. U*Cart Ready Mix Concrete now offers small volume users convenient, cost-effective, easy to use products.

No more minimum delivery or stand-by charges!
No more postponed schedules!
No more limited access to narrow or weight sensitive job sites!
No more backbreaking mixing of high cost pre-bagged concrete!

Two types of mixing trailers are offered. One has a mixing drum that hydraulically rises to assure the maximum amount of material flow. Using the reverse turn on the drum and the continuous fin design, this mixing drum assures the user easy mixing, easy dumping, and easy cleaning.

The other type of concrete hauling trailer has a tub made of heavy-duty 10 gauge steel. This tub is raised with a hand pump and this tub has a free-flowing design of the cone on the tub. This allows for the best material flow out of the trailer at the full tilt position.

All trailers have lights and surge brakes.

General Phone: 419-867-1285
U*Cart Phone: 419-861-3701
Fax: 419-867-3474
Emergency: 419-466-7044
eMAIL: hsmi@accesstoledo.com